February 5th, 2013


Dumping some poems I've written and never posted...


To love her is to die
Not the death of an innocent but
The death of a villain
Gruesome, tormented, pained
And yet... I eagerly await it
For this little-death has evaded me
Far, far too long... and having it
Means never wanting to surrender it
Craving it the way I crave life
I embrace it, though each time I must
Surrender and be sundered by her
And sundered I am, burned from within
Flames that claw their way to the surface
I would bleed for her if she wished.


Walking, darkened doorways beckon
Grasping hands of bodies not yet buried
Transitory life, headed to an end

Talking, longing leaves us alone
Fears realized of goals left unachieved
Temporary death, measured in minutes

When nothing matters, everything dies
When nothing matters, everything dies
When everything matters, everyone cries


The hidden speaks to me
It reveals itself in many ways.
And yet...
The obvious is best hid from me.
For I look at it with oblivious eyes
Unseen is seen when the seen is missed.


I have been here before
Many times in the past
And though I know this place well
Every time, the differences outweigh
The similarities
For this is my dreamscape
And the water is not all that is fluid
The wavering lines of distant hilltops
Coupled with the lines I draw for myself
Dividing the land, dividing myself
And billow in the currented air.


Alone in a crowded place
Worlds within open up
Shadows dance in the absence of light
My heart longs for its companion
The better part of me
Love turned to ash whose flames have long since died
I long for the return which never comes
The return to self
All that remains is Death's embrace

The Return

The first time is always the best
It fills one with longing
Makes you strive to return
There is no returning
But it can be visited
Memory remains
A time of dancing
And song
The song still beats within


Stop. Go no further, do not advance.
Stop. Go on, and you risk losing yourself.
Stop. The further you advance, the surer the change.
Stop. Change is Death, a complete loss of current You.
Stop. Going further, you will die.
Stop. Wait. But then, what is there really to lose?
Wait. If this you dies, what does it matter?
Wait. For this you is already different from the one who began reading.
Wait. Why not keep going, keep growing, keep changing?
Wait. Go. Keep leaving the old behind, the dead, the former self.
Go. Go on and become more.
Go. Growth and change mean death, but also rebirth.
Go. Advance yourself.
Go. Just keep moving forward.

That's a selection of things I liked the best from a few months of writing, the most recent being STOP/GO written last Wednesday. I'm not as depressed nor emo as my poetry makes me sound, but there you have it.
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