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Free the mind, and the body shall follow.

Right. So it's been a while. As usual, I've been procrastinating a lot. However, I have managed to begin a cult, other than the Cult of Me I often joke about. Well, half joke. It exists.

So. I'm thinking I need to seriously get back into writing my little poems. Because they're a good outlet when I'm in pain. And I've been in some pain lately, though few who know me know that. Like an idiot, I've been dwelling either in the past, or focusing way too far into the future. I can't help but feel if I start putting that pain down, turning it into something creative, turning the ugliness within into something beautiful, I'll feel better, and let go of the shit that I can do nothing about now.

And... I also decided I need to fucking tell people when I hurt. Because a brave face presented to the world is fine and good, but when I need to be told I'm being an idiot, so knock that shit off, no one knows to tell me.

In other news, I haven't been playing Rift nearly as much. I've been focused on other things, like my lovely knight-errant in her tarnished armor. Yeah yeah yeah, I'm hopeless, blah blah blah. Shut up, all of you imaginary readers! Anyway, when I do Rift, I still love it, so that's good.

I'm thinking this'll be all for now, but later today there may be a poem. Or not.
Tags: cult, cult of me, haruka, pain, poem, rift, uranus
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