Musings, Mumblings, and Mutterings...

Of a Madwoman, probably

R. Darkstorm
14 July
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Human, mostly... I think. Certainly neither sane nor normal. The dumbest smart person you'll ever meet. Disturbingly happy-go-lucky, yet also painfully shy. Definitely too smart for my own good. Well read on a variety of subjects. Comfortable in my own skin. Caffeine and nicotine are my drugs of choice. I practice voodoo because I'm not very good at it yet. My sense of humor is both twisted and warped, and my mind is constantly in the gutter. I'm a displaced personality... Can't help but feel I'd blend in better if I were born 25 years or so before I actually was... Aspiring to be a professional dreamer... But in the meantime, in betweentime, ain't we got fun! Eh, or not.
30 seconds to mars, abba, alfred hitchcock, alliteration, altered reality, altruism, amateur authors, anarchy, anime, antiquated english, archeology, arthuriad, artificial intelligence, astrology, astronomy, b movies, blondie, bones, bullet for my valentine, cats, celtic mythology, charlotte bronte, colloquialisms, comedy, computer sciences, creation myths, creepy cults, cthulhu mythos, cutting-edge technology, dark fantasy, daydreaming, double entendres, douglas adams, dragons, drama, edgar allen poe, egyptian mythology, electric light orchestra, enya, epidemiology, erotica, eureka, evolution, fantasy, fashion, film noir, final fantasy, flawed heroes, fleetwood mac, fossils, geology, girls with guns, good poetry, grammar, graphic novels, great britain, greco-roman mythology, h.g. wells, heart, herman melville, higher education, him, history, honesty, horror, impressionism, independent film, individuality, ingenuity, insanity, japanese mythology, jethro tull, jrpgs, l-sama, language, latin, lewis carroll, lina inverse, love, magic: the gathering, manga, manners, masamune shirow, meditation, meta-humans, meta-physics, midnight syndicate, motoko kusanagi, mumford & sons, mutual respect, my chemical romance, native american mythology, ncis, non-conformists, norse mythology, nox arcana, oddities, oingo boingo, open-mindedness, origa, owls, panic! at the disco, penguins, philosophy, phobias, polytheism, post-apocolyptic, prose, psychological profiling, rarities, reading, rizzoli & isles, robert frost, rocky horror picture show, rodents, role-playing games, romanticism, sanctuary, science fiction, serial killers, shakespeare, slang, sociopathy, star trek, star wars, stupid criminals, subculture, subtext, surrealism, suspense, swing, tae kwon do, tarot, ten'ou haruka, the alien quadrilogy, the beatles, the killers, the smiths, the who, tolerence, tragic heroes, urban legends, vampirism, warehouse 13, women, writing, x-files, xena: warrior princess, yes, zombies